entry hole raccoon gable vent 001

Appropriate venting is crucial to your home’s health, however is often a welcomed entry point for many animals including raccoons. Raccoons are excellent climbers and can easily scale trees, fences or even areas on a house to access roofs and attic areas.  They are cleaver and can find openings in vents, gaps in the eaves or soffits.  When house and building material is weakened by weather and time racoons can tears holes into siding and roof decking.  Attic and ceiling voids can provide warmth and protection for denning and are a very common area for female raccoons to den when giving birth or raising newborns.  Beyond the damage raccoons can cause to insulation, electrical and drywall raccoons can carry parasites and their droppings and urine can carry many diseases that pose a significant risk to your family.  OutRight Wildlife is skilled at addressing these issues and restoring the necessary functions of your home’s vents.