OutRight Wildlife Solutions provides a wide range of animal control solutions.

Our services range from insect control to rodent removal and larger vertebrate pests – with an integrated variety of approaches to wildlife management, animal damage repair, and prevention.

Whether it flies, crawls, burrows, or slithers we have you covered.

We have no trap options which reduce harm to wildlife and help expedite removal of animals from inside homes and businesses.  Preventative repairs can help reduce future intrusion or damage caused by wildlife.  Remediation and sanitization steps can help reduce human contact to zoonotic pathogens.

Having an informative and detailed inspection is the most effective way to explore options and solutions for your specific situation.  Our inspection process includes pictures with our recommendations so you can see areas the animals are getting into the house and damage they have done to the house including, chewing or tearing into eaves, soffits, vents.  Wildlife can also chew on wires, chew or dig into drywall, damage HVAC, damage insulation by matting down nesting or leaving droppings and urine in attic and crawlspace areas.  There are many important questions and considerations when addressing wildlife and pest issues, our trained and experienced technicians will take the time to help address your questions and provide recommendations.